Congressman Panetta Supports War Powers Resolution Limiting President’s Military Action Against Iran

January 9, 2020
Press Release
Calls on Administration to Present Comprehensive Strategy on Iran

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Jimmy Panetta (CA-20) voted in support of House Concurrent Resolution 83, a War Powers Resolution limiting the President’s military action against Iran. Congressman Panetta was an original cosponsor of the legislation.

"The constitutional power to declare war is vested in the Congress. There is no question that Iran is a leading state sponsor of terrorism, and General Soleimani was the lead architect of Iran’s destabilizing activities around the world. However, Congress has not authorized the President to use military force against Iran.

"The United States has the inherent right to self-defense against imminent armed attacks. Unfortunately, the administration has yet to provide sufficient information as to why the operation against Soleimani was necessary and what the overall strategy is for curbing Iran’s regional aggression or nuclear ambitions.

"As a former naval intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan, I believe that using military force without a comprehensive strategy and clearly defined goals threatens the safety of U.S. personnel and their families and endangers our national security interests. Congress must assert its constitutional responsibility and not allow our nation to get into another war in the Middle East."

The resolution directs the President to terminate the use of U.S. military forces to engage in hostilities against Iran unless Congress declares war, Congress authorizes military force against Iran, or military force is required to defend against an imminent attack against the United States or its personnel.