Committees and Caucuses

Committee Assignments

  • House Committee on Ways and Means
    • The Ways and Means Committee is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives.  As an Executive Committee, members of Congress historically serve exclusively on Ways and Means.  The Committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, trade, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures, as well as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits, child and family support laws, and adoption and foster care programs. The committee has six subcommittees pertaining to issues in health, human resources, oversight, tax policy, social security, and trade.

    • The Subcommittee on Trade is responsible for matters related to international trade, including customs, tariffs, reciprocal trade agreements, and international trade rules and organizations.  The subcommittee also addresses issues involving market access, competitive industry conditions, export policy, and bilateral trade relations including trade with developing countries.

  • House Committee on Budget
    • The Budget Committee is the chief legislative panel conducting oversight of the federal budget process. The committee’s chief responsibility is to draft an annual Congressional Budget Resolution, which directs Congress on how the federal government invests taxpayer dollars and expands economic opportunities for Americans.

  • House Committee on Agriculture
    • The House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research is responsible for policies, statutes, and markets relating to horticulture, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and ornamentals; bees; and organic agriculture; policies and statutes relating to marketing and promotion orders; pest and disease management; bioterrorism; adulteration and quarantine matters; research, education, and extension; and biotechnology.

    • The Subcommittee on Nutrition is responsible for policies and statutes relating to nutrition, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and domestic commodity distribution and consumer initiatives.

    • Livestock and Foreign Agriculture has jurisdiction over policies, statutes, and markets relating to all livestock, poultry, dairy, and seafood.  It also oversees the inspection, marketing, and promotion of such commodities and products like aquaculture, animal welfare, grazing, foreign agricultural assistance, and trade promotion. 

Speaking with the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, Collin Peterson (D-MN)


Listening to witness testimony in the Ways and Means Committee



Leadership Assignments

  • Assistant Whip

Caucus Memberships

  • Co-Chair and Founder: Agriculture Research Caucus
  • Co-Chair and Founder: For Country Caucus
  • Co-Chair and Founder: Naval Education Caucus
  • Co-Chair: Cut Flowers Caucus
  • Bus Caucus
  • California Aerospace Caucus
  • Cannabis Caucus
  • Cybersecurity Caucus
  • Diabetes Caucus
  • Endangered Species Act Caucus
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Caucus
  • Friends of Australia Caucus
  • Gun Violence Task Force
  • Land-Grant and Public Research Universities Caucus
  • LGBT Equality Caucus
  • Medicare for All Caucus
  • Military Mental Health Caucus
  • National Service Congressional Caucus
  • Navy Marine Corps Caucus
  • New Democrat Coalition
  • Oceans Caucus
  • Organic Caucus
  • Pro Choice Caucus
  • Problem Solvers Caucus
  • Progressive Caucus
  • Quiet Skies Caucus
  • Service Organization Caucus
  • Travel & Tourism Caucus
  • U.S.-Russia Joint Commission on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action
  • Wine Caucus
  • Work for Warriors Caucus


Standing with colleagues on the Progressive Caucus