Salinas World War II Philippine Scouts receives Congress' highest civilian honor

February 11, 2020
In The News

Salinas long-time resident Julio Sorio, 94, received Congress' highest civilian honor Saturday for serving his county in World War II as part of the Philippine Scouts, a division of the U.S. Army.

"Patience, humility and honor those are the things that he strives for, and that is probably another reason he's receive other recognitions," said Arlene Monroe, Sorio's daughter.  "He's is not someone who demands the spotlight ... He's just a diligent and hardworking individual."

Sorio, who served as private first class, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by Congressman Jimmy Panetta. 

"It is one of my highest honors that I get to present to Pfc. Sorios one of Congress' highest honors, the Congressional Gold Medal,” said Panetta. “I am proud that through diligent casework, I helped Pfc. Sorios receive this distinction that he earned from his service. It is an overdue recognition.”

Soiro's honor came two days before the one year anniversary of his wife's death.The medal was a welcome distraction for Sorio and the rest of his family, said his daughter Abby Jacobs.  

Sorio received the honor in his Salinas home and smiled, at times becoming emotional Saturday, as Panetta presented him with the certificate and medal. 

“I am glad that he and other Filipino World War II veterans now have this national recognition from the U.S. Congress for their sacrifice and selfless service,” said Panetta.