Legislation and Votes

Throughout my life, I’ve been committed to public service. It is a privilege to now have the opportunity to serve as the Congressman for California’s Central Coast. As your representative, I will always strive to best serve you and will always be open and transparent.

Learn more about legislation I introduced and cosponsored. You may also view the latest votes I have taken in the U.S. House of Representatives, and read about the legislative process.

As your Congressman, your opinion and views help guide my work. I invite you to contact me with any questions or thoughts. I look forward to serving you. 


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Methods of Voting: Under the rules of the House there are four regular methods of voting: voice vote, division vote, yea or nay vote, record vote. These methods are outlined in House Rule XX and may be employed one after the other or in other combinations before a decision is reached. All four methods are available when operating in the House. When the House is operating in the Committee of the Whole, all of these methods of voting are available except for the yeas and nays.

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill Vote
10/22/2021 331 H.R.3110 Yea
10/22/2021 330 H.R.3110 Nay
10/21/2021 329 H.RES.730 Yea
10/21/2021 328 H.RES.727 Yea
10/21/2021 327 H.RES.727 Yea
10/20/2021 326 H.R.4028 Yea
10/20/2021 325 H.R.4067 Yea
10/20/2021 324 H.R.4032 Yea
10/20/2021 323 H.R.3919 Yea
10/20/2021 322 H.R.3635 Yea